Ohana means 


Family means 

nobody gets left


(SGO Child)

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Child's Information Video - Filial Therapy

Adult Information Video


Parent Perspective - Filial Therapy

The noise in the background is a Play Therapy session in progress. 

Filial Therapy

Filial Therapy is a family therapy model used to improve the parent / carer and child relationship. It is based on the belief that the parent / carer is the most important person in the child's life. The Filial Therapist teaches the parent therapeutic skills and offers ongoing clinical supervision to support and facilitate therapy sessions between parent and child. 

This is a successful intervention for attachment and relationship problems between children and parents / carers within their biological families, as well as fostered and adopted children. It also benefits parents who want to support their child further after experiencing trauma. Filial Therapy (goodtherapy.org)   (for further information)