Job Vacancies

eQuiPT Therapeutic Services

Freelance Play Therapists Needed 

BAPT Qualified and Registered Play Therapists Required  

Are you a freelance Play Therapist who would be happy to work in schools in the Yorkshire area?


If so please contact Suzanne Lester (BAPT qualified and registered Play Therapist) to discuss your interest further 


The demand for Play Therapy services in Yorkshire schools is so high that current respected Play Therapists working in the area cannot meet the need. As a result these therapists have decided that the best way to ensure that these committed schools get quality Play Therapy is to find quality therapists and put them in touch with the requesting schools. This is how eQuiPT was created. Therapists will remain freelance and be responsible for their own tax returns, indemnity and professional liability insurance, registration, clinical supervision, holiday and sick pay.


You will also decide how much time in schools you require. You can accept or decline the work offered. Therefore you remain in control of your workload.  


eQuiPT will:  


Allocate you work that comes in from schools, so you have no sales to do or negotiating fees, something many therapists feel uncomfortable doing, resulting in under-charging Set up the Service Level Agreement Do the monthly invoicing on your behalf Pay you into your bank account as soon as it is paid by the school.