What people have to say about my work:

Adoption Services

Bradford adoption services recently funded Filial work for two families in my locality. They were very pleased with my work and outcomes. As a result they have agreed to provide references to other adoption services on request. 

I have not put their email addresses on my website to avoid spam. These references can be requested through me once adoption work has been verified.

A Local Authority Social Worker

 "I have worked with Sandra on a number of cases that have been intense, complicated and emotional. Sandra has worked well with professionals, but more importantly worked incredibly with the children. She quickly develops a good relationship with the children despite what is occuring in their lives. Sandra has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to others."

A SENCO (talking about Group Play Therapy)

"I enjoyed working with Sandra over a number of years. It was always a pleasure to work with someone so professional and knowledgeable about children's emotional needs. The children found her very approachable and looked forward to the sessions, which they found enjoyable and staff found effective."

A Head Teacher

"Sandra has worked with pupils at our school for four years. Sandra has an excellent work ethic, she is 100% reliable, the relationship which she has established with pupils, parents and staff is outstanding. Sandra is very supportive to staff, she has led training in school on relation to Therapeutic Language, EPIC and mentoring. Staff are now able to deliver the programmes and have improved self confidence in their work. The impact of her work is seen in improved pupil behaviour and attitude towards their work. Sandra has also taken part in multi-agency meetings in relation to the pupils she works with."

A Head Teacher

"Over the last 2 years, Sandra has become an integral part of our school well being team. In addition to providing therapy for our most vulnerable children and families, Sandra supports our nurture team through training and supervision. Sandra is highly knowledgeable and skilled. She has delivered high quality training to the whole staff team, small groups and individuals. The staff team find her very supportive and approachable. Sandra works closely with the SLT,  supporting their vision for developing theraputic approaches across school. She is flexible in meeting the needs of the school and impacts strongly on our provision."

A Parent

"About 18 months ago I suffered a stroke, this was then followed by brain surgery, and eventually an epileptic fit. Unfortunately my daughter was witness to both the stroke and the fit. This really affected her more than we realised, she kept very quiet about it, but eventually it started to come out in anger, this was how she was realising her stress. Obviously at the time I was still recovering and doing my best to cope with her moods. Eventually we decided she would benefit from some counselling this ended up leading us to the wonderful Sandra Georgeson. She has really helped my daughter through play and just listening to her. She is now able to cope with her feelings better, and she taught me that sometimes she just needs to be listened to. Overall I would really recommend Sandra to anyone whose child has suffered some kind of trauma. I would also just like to say a huge thank you to Sandra."

A Head of School Safeguarding

"Sandra is an absolute integral part of the therapeutic work that we do at Bank End. Her experience, knowledge and skills are used to develop and support vulnerable children with needs greater than those that can be taught within a classroom. She works alongside the Senior Leaders to provide the quality of therapy that children deserve and need to be able to succeed in life during or following on from a variety of difficult times or situations. The work that she provides allows Teachers to build on and further develop the emotional literacy and nurture that is such a major aspect of the lives of young people today. Her expertise are valued more than I could ever put into words. I personally feel lucky to have had the opportunity to lead a school which includes Sandra as part of the therapeutic offer and look forward to seeing the continuous impact that her work has on children and families in the future."

A School Nuture Assistant

"Sandra is a truly terrific play therapist that visits our primary school weekly. She provides Filial and individual therapy sessions with our children and parents, as well as giving us fantastic support with our groups. Sandra's help and guidance is beyond significant, as she always provides the very best she can give and is never short of answers. Our children are forever at the forefront of Sandra's mind and there's never any exception. Part of what makes Sandra incredible at her job is how warm and approachable she is. She never fails to leave our children beaming, the staff feeling valued and the school an all round better place."



Adoptive Parents 

"Both myself and my husband adopted a little boy, who had worked with Sandra prior to his adoption. During the transition period of him moving in with us, Sandra continued to work with us all each week. She eventually taught us Filial Therapy, which has been an amazing thing for us as a family, as any issues that we have had have come out in the therapy, allowing us to deal with things immediately. I can't thank Sandra enough for the help and support we have all had over the last 18 months and without her we wouldn't have been able to do this and certainly, as a family we wouldn't be where we are now without her! Thanks Sandra - you are truly amazing!"

The therapeutic support that has been in place for our child before, during and post-placement has been invaluable to us as adoptive parents and, we believe, has greatly improved our daughter's present quality of life and her future prospects. Therapeutic support from a trusted adult during the tumultuous experience of transitioning from a foster placement to an adoptive placement is something we would wish for every child going through the process.


Sandra being present to provide well-observed and insightful information about our child's behaviour was useful in helping us to understand whether we could provide what our child would need from her adoptive parents. Given the difficult relationship between and negative reports from her Foster carer, it was wonderful to have a more positive presentation of her behaviour from a confident and honest source. Although speaking to the foster carer didn’t affect our desire to adopt our child, our final decision was certainly made easier and made with more confidence after having spoken to Sandra.


For us, our child starting therapy pre-placement meant that we had sound advice and guidance to work with right from the beginning of our introductory period. Observing the way our child responded to Sandra’s demeanour and use of therapeutic language reinforced our confidence in our child's ability to flourish in the right environment. We were able to hit the ground running in terms of building a secure attachment with our new daughter.


Our training in filial therapy means we are able to continue to give our child the therapeutic support that has been so valuable for her. Ongoing consultations have given us the opportunity to explore any challenges which we face as well as a time to celebrate our child’s successes and positive development. Advice from Sandra and insights gleaned from filial therapy have aided our ability to parent effectively on a day-to-day basis.


Without therapeutic intervention our child may have been left in a foster placement which would have continued to compound the effects of the trauma and neglect she has experienced. We will be forever grateful to all those involved in pushing for, arranging and providing something which has genuinely made our daughter’s life better and will give her back the opportunity to make her future a good future.

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Adoptive Parents