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The training below is also available as an online subscription package. Learn in your own time or as a team. Just click on the star icon for access to the website. Flexible and accessible training. 


What else? If schools or services have ideas about the training packages that they want that relate to therapeutic support and knowledge please contact me and let me know. If I think I can write the training I will. If I think It's out of my remit I will say but may know someone who can offer it. 

Training packages include:


in the


Understand the Theory... Put it into practice.

1 Day Training for Teachers & Educators

The Power

of Play

The importance of play to healthy child development / How to include play in the school environment



Help children regulate their


De-escalate behaviours. 

Compliments school behaviour policies. 

Ever wondered why good teaching strategies and behaviour management work with one pupil but not the next...?


Find out how attachment styles impact upon the types of behaviour seen and learn new strategies to support children and young people with disrupted attachments. 

Understand play throughout childhood and how it relates to children's cognitive, social and emotional development.


Also how play can be included in the school curriculum to encourage healthy development.